Born in a Bookshop: Seaside House in California Inspired by Aussie Architecture

Born in a Bookshop: Seaside House in California Inspired by Aussie Architecture

Inspiration can strike us pretty much anywhere and ideas can be born from the most unexpected of circumstances. It is one such ‘chance’ that led to the conceptualization and creation of the beautiful Seaside Reef Residence in California. A bookshop was the setting where the homeowner met Alec of Alec Petros Studio as both of them it is in here that the idea of this spacious and relaxing coastal style house was born. It is easy to see both Californian and Australian influences on the façade of the home with wooden slats covering the entire exterior. A system of vertical cedar boards coupled with horizontal sleeper system gets this accomplished with ease.

Wood siding with vertical cedar boards shapes the exterior of the lovely Californian residence

The cedar-clad exterior feels organic and give the home a relaxing beach style while also withstanding the humid coastal winds. Transition between the interior and the exterior is seamless with white, wood and bluish-grays taking over in the living area, kitchen and dining room. This makes for a brilliant and comfortable home where one is always connected with the outdoors. Large windows, sliding glass doors and other openings connect the large coastal residence with the landscape outside.

Living area can completely open up to the views outside using a series of glass doors
Pool and deck outside the house is connected with the interior using sliding glass doors
Beautiful wooden siding of the house gives it a cozy, coastal appeal
Butterfly chairs on the deck next to the pool offers a relaxing spot to enjoy the views outside
Kitchen and dining area of the house connected with the pool outside

Natural stone and marble bring a sense of opulence to the bathroom with freestanding bathtub and custom vanity making the biggest impact. With a large bedroom that offers unabated views of the ocean in the distance, this is the perfect place to rest, relax and rejuvenate! [Photography: Tim Melideo]

Light bluish-gray cabinets in the kitchen offer contrast to the wood and white interior
Small balcony and glass walls provide gorgeous view of the distant ocean from the bedroom
Large freeestanding bathtub in white is the focal point of the spacious modern bathroom
Marble finishes and countertops in the bathroom are coupled with dark stone flooring

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