Interior Design Services

Part – 1

Design Stages

Appraisal and Briefing

  • Visits the Site and carries out an initial appraisal
  • Assists in the preparation of the Client’s requirements
  • Carries out studies to determine the design approach (mood boards)
  • Advises on the need for services by consultants or specialists

Design Proposals

  • Surveys and prepares drawings of the Site and/or buildings
  • Arranges investigation of soil or structural conditions by other
  • Prepares outline proposals and discusses with the Client
  • Visits with Client to showrooms, suppliers and/or other projects
  • Develops a detailed design including as necessary furniture/room layouts and electrical layouts, sample boards and visuals and photographs or sketches of selected furniture and fittings
  • Prepares an approximate estimate of cost, including FEE
  • Submits detailed design proposals and approximate cost for approval
  • Makes an application for detailed planning permission
  • Consults with statutory authorities as necessary

Installation information

  • Co-ordinates and integrates any designs provided by others
  • Prepares drawings (excluding shop drawings) and specifications/Schedule of Works for Building Works
  • Prepares specifications/Schedule of Decorations
  • Makes applications for statutory and other approvals

Part – 2

Installation Management Stages

Building Works Tender action

  • Prepares documents required for tendering purposes
  • Advises on builders or trade contractors to be invited to tender. Invites, appraises and reports on tenders
  • Advises on the appointment of a builder or trade contractors. Prepares the building contract/orders and arranges for signature

Construction 1select option A or B

  • A1 Administers the terms of the building contract or contracts
  • B1 Co-ordinates execution of work to be carried out by trade contractors
  • Provides the builder/trade contractors with the information required for construction

These Services do not apply if Designer carries out the Building Works under Part 3

  • Visits the Site to see that the work is proceeding generally in accordance with the building contract
  • Certifies payments for work carried out or completed
  • Where applicable, receives Health and Safety File from the builder, provides building log book (Building Regulations Part L2) and passes to Client
  • Provides/obtains record drawings, gives general advice on maintenance
  • After completion, makes final inspections of the work and arranges for correction of any defects
  • Agrees final account(s) and issues final certificate(s)

FF&E Installation.
These Services do not apply if Designer supplies FF&E under Part 43

  • Advise on firms to be invited to submit tenders for FF&E. Invites, appraises and reports on tenders
  • Advises on firms to be invited to submit tenders for Decorations. Invites, appraises and reports on tenders
  • Monitors delivery/installation of FF&E
  • Gives general advice on maintenance of FF&E

Other Services

  • Submissions and Negotiations in connection with third party approvals
  • Services arising under Party Wall, etc. Act 1994
  • Negotiating a price with a builder or trade contractor (in lieu of tendering)
  • Services in any dispute between the Client and another party