Project Manager Services

Typical services of project manager :


1.Assisting in the preparation and development of the brief;

2.Arranging for feasibility studies and reports; and advise on services of funding;

3.Arranging for measures required by health and safety legislation;

4.Preparing the project management structure and plan;

5.Advising on the procurement method;

6.Arranging the appointment of consultants and specialists;

7.Checking professional indemnity insurances, warranties etc;

8.Instructing consultants on feasibility studies, research, surveys;

9.Co-ordinating the design process;

10.Preparing and maintaining an overall cost plan;

11.Preparation of pre contract programme;

12.Organising communication and information systems;

13.Arranging consultations/negotiations with statutory bodies;

14.Arranging monthly reports to the client on cost and completion forecasts;

15.Monitoring the performance etc. of the design team and consultants;

16.Arranging tender documentation;

17.Organising pre-qualification checks on contractors;

18.Evaluating tenders and preparing recommendations;

19.Participating in the selection and appointment of the contractor;

20.Arranging for the appointment of a construction supervisor/client’s agents;

21.Assembling contract documentation;

22.Preparation of master, critical path programme or checking, approving and monitoring of contractors CP programme.

23.Arranging for the appointment of an adjudicator and services as required;

24.Issuing instructions and variation orders;

25.Issuing extensions of time notices;

26.Preparing valuations and monitoring the budget;

27.Arranging commissioning and witness tests;

28.Developing a maintenance programme and staff training;

29.Organising handover/occupation procedures;

30.Issuing the practical completion certificate, preparing the final account;

31.Organising maintenance manuals and as built information;

32.Planning facilities management;

33.Advising on the marketing/disposal of the project;

34.Checking that defects are remedied, issuing the final certificate.