16 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Majoring in Architecture at College | the GOOD & the UGLY

16 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Majoring in Architecture at College | the GOOD & the UGLY

This list of things, that I wish I had known BEFORE I changed majors in college to architecture, go over the GOOD (it’s rewarding!), the bad, and the ugly aspects of ~architecture.~ Being a student studying architecture can be super time consuming and it is natural to struggle.
Fun Fact: Architecture is one of the most sleep deprived majors of all university majors that anyone can declare at college!! When I changed my majors to architecture, I struggled with it!!! Between learning “architecture lingo” and losing confidence at reviews, these things are important to KNOW and UNDERSTAND. That is why in this video i talk about a few tips i learned along the way that helped me become a better architect and designer.

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I did not just want to bash architecture though! I absolutely love the major and it is so creative and wonderful to study. And you can always turn negatives of the major into positives. For instance, if you are pulling an all nighter, because you have a final review coming up, and you’re working on your architectural physical model, you will probably bond heavily with your peers who are also pulling all-nighters! I got extremely close with my peers and acknowledge that most majors in college aren’t like this!

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Biggest take away – know that architects get to sip on coffee all day, create the buildings we have all grown up! Surely, you might be motivated to drop out at one point in your college career, but know that architecture and studying architecture is a labor of love. It will be worth it in the end.

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