7 Reasons NOT TO Study Architecture – The Worst Things About Architecture School | SAS Podcast 12

7 Reasons NOT TO Study Architecture – The Worst Things About Architecture School | SAS Podcast 12

7 Reasons NOT TO Study Architecture – The Worst Things About Architecture School | SAS Podcast 12

What is the worst part about studying architecture? Well, I’ve got 7 reasons not to study architecture. But, come on. I love architecture as much as the next student. Learn how to overcome these problems to become the best architecture student you can.

Here are 7 reasons why you’ll hate architecture school and 7 ways to overcome it.

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I want to talk about something that’s going to confuse you a little. I want to talk about the 7 worst things about architecture school. 7 reasons not to study architecture.

And you might be thinking, Why the hell would I make a video on that when I’m trying to promote this idea of studying architecture? For those that for those of you that know me, I absolutely love architecture.

It’s not going to be a negative video where I complain about 7 things that I absolutely hate. No, these are 7 misconceptions about architecture school and the things that people often hear that drive people away from studying architecture.

For example, the first reason why you shouldn’t study architecture is because you lack sleep. Studying architecture deprives you of sleep. If you’ve been following the Instagram and Facebook page, you’d see that I create a lot of memes about sleep deprivation and lack of sleep. But, it’s just a misconception. We’re the ones that are depriving ourselves of sleep. And it doesn’t matter if you’re studying architecture, philosophy or neuroscience. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying. If you’re putting yourself in a situation to be deprived of sleep, then that’s going to be the reality of it. And if you’re finding yourself depriving yourself of sleep, you’re obviously doing something wrong.
It might be in the sense that you’ve got some bad habits where you stay up at night on social media, or you leave your work to the last minute and are forced to cram it all into the last week.
When you narrow it down, it’s not really the fact that architecture is causing this sleep deprivation. It’s a lack of discipline and time management that causes this.

The way to get around this is to manage your time better. To create different routines and habits in your life. I you want yourself to have eight hours of sleep every night, you need to make it a routine to go to bed at nine o’clock and wake up at five in the morning, every morning. So that’s the first reason why not to study architecture. It’s the misconception of lacking sleep and depriving yourself of sleep. You can avoid this if you manage your time properly and have discipline in the way that you study. Making sure to not leave your projects to the last minute.

The second reason you should not study architecture is the fact that there’s a lot of group work. This could either be on your good or bad list of things about architecture school. For me, I find that group work can be extremely crap, especially if you’ve got someone in your group who doesn’t show up (which is quite often).

You’ve always got to someone that doesn’t put in any work. You’ve always got someone that rocks up late every time you guys want to meet up. But again, this is a bit of a misconception, there is a lot of group work. There’s also a lot of solo work where you’re working on your own things. This might be something that you enjoy more, or you might enjoy spending time with other people socializing and communicating in a group. But the fact of the matter is that it’s whatever you perceive it to be. If you’re telling yourself you hate group work in architecture school, maybe it’s something that you’re doing to cause them to be late or to not rock up. You know, sometimes it’s out of your influence. But most of the time, there is something that you can do to influence how your group work ends up going.

I previously thought that I had no control over what grade my group would get in a group assignment. I realized that I can take charge of my group and can become a leader when studying architecture. That doesn’t mean bossing people around. It means communicating with people effectively and really motivating people to do well.

Keep watching to find out the other 5 reasons why NOT TO study architecture!

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