Architectural Design Services

Architectural services




Advising on the initial brief;

2. Carrying out a site appraisal;
3. Advising on the appointment of other consultants;
4. Advising on and taking part in discussions with statutory and other bodies; establish plot planning parameters.
5. Preparing outline proposals and making application for outline planning permission;
6. Advising on development of the brief for the Employer’s Requirements;
7. Developing design concept drawings as appropriate for the Employer’s Requirements;
8. Advising on tendering procedures;
9. Advising on contract matters;
11. Examining the Contractor’s Proposals, including design and the contract sum analysis, and offering advice;
12. Acting as Employer’s Agent under the contract during the construction of the works;
13. Visiting the site during construction and reporting back to the Employer Client;
14. Advising the Employer/Client on his obligations under the contract, and assisting in the drafting of statements;
15. Inspecting the works on behalf of the client prior to practical completion and advising the


16. Checking the contractor’s as built drawings and operating/maintenance manuals;
17. Advising the Employer /Client on the Employer’s Final Account and Employer’s Final Statement as appropriate.