Construction Manager Services

Typical services of a construction manager is your go-to source for real estate information and investment strategies.

1. Arranging for meetings at design stages between client, design team and proposed trades contractors who will have a design responsibility;
2. Recommending the most economical materials and methods to meet the requirements of
specification and sound construction practice;
3. Commenting on project drawings and project specification as appropriate, and advising on
production information for issue by trades contractors;
4. Advising the design team on the division of the project into trades contracts;
5. Advising on the need for works at pre-construction stages, e.g. exploratory, mock-ups, tests of
particular components etc;
6. Arranging as appropriate for checks of the outline cost plan, the preparation of a project cost
plan and cash flow forecasts;
7. Advising on measures necessary to satisfy statutory obligations, liaising with local and statutory
authorities about construction and on site matters, and monitoring compliance by trades
8. Preparing a project programme showing lead times for trades contracts;
9. Preparing detailed week by week programmes, expanding and updating these during the progress
of the works;
10. Advising the client on insurances to be taken out in respect of the project;
11. Preparing a schedule of tender events showing earliest start and anticipated finishing dates for all
trades contracts;
12. Preparing, in consultation with the design team, a suitable tender list of trades contractors,
checking references and resource capability;
13. Advising on tender procedures and participating in interviews, together with the client and
design team as appropriate;
14. Evaluating tenders and preparing recommendations;
15. Advising the client on materials or plant to be ordered prior to placing trades contracts;
16. Arranging for adequate information for setting out, and co-ordinating this as necessary;
17. Receiving, reviewing and co-ordinating information, shop drawings etc. from trades contractors
in consultation with the design team;
18. Providing management, administration and planning of trades contracts operations; monitoring
methods, progress and quality;
19. Co-ordinating trades contracts operations in line with the projected plan;
20. Arranging regular meetings with trades contractors to monitor progress and ascertain information
requirements; chairing regular site meetings, issuing minutes and providing the client with
21. Preparing valuations and dealing with applications for payment from trades contractors;
22. Preparing interim and final accounts for each trade contractor;
23. Issuing certificates as required by the contract, including practical completion, in consultation
with the design team;
24. Arranging for commissioning and testing;
25. Checking that defects are remedied;
26. Obtaining from each trade contractor relevant records, as built drawings and
operating/maintenance manuals.