Making Most of the Hallway: Decorating Ideas that Maximize Space and Style

Making Most of the Hallway: Decorating Ideas that Maximize Space and Style

There are many rooms that we think about in decorating terms before we actually start thinking about the hallway. For some reason, many of us view the hallway as just a transition zone that facilitates movement from one room to another. While this is absolutely true from a functional viewpoint, hallway can add much more value to your home both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. There are plenty of ways in which you can decorate and maximize the hallway, but today we turn our attention towards the trendiest choices – from those many bookshelves to wall art that speaks volumes.

Rustic hallway acts as the perfect space to rest, relax and catch up with your favorite book!

Decorating the hallway is not all about aesthetics and there is still valuable space in here that many homeowners put to good use. In small homes where the long hall is a structural addition that just could not be avoided, you can turn this ‘imposed space’ into an area that elevates the style of your home. From the brilliant and bold to the sensible and ingenious, this is a look at the best ideas for decorating the modern hallway –

Beautiful Gallery Walls

This is the easiest and most convenient of options in hallway of almost any style and size because you do not need any actual square footage at all! The gallery wall or the gallery-styled display in the long hallway is a tried and tested decorative element that never fails. It allows you to showcase your personal taste and style without having to make space for wall art in other rooms of the home. It is also a fun way to link the bedroom and the living room with the hallway, creating a more curated interior.

Colorful wall art pieces create a gorgeous hallway display that steals the spotlight [From: steilish]
Framed personal photographs used to decorate the white beach style hallway
Gallery-styled wall art display for the hallway presents a picture of perfection [From: Forum Phi Architecture]
Using frames in similar finish gives this hallway a more beautiful visual appeal [From: Sims Luxury Builders]

Bookshelves Make a Difference

The narrow hallway is also the perfect place for those tall bookshelves that allow you to create a home library of sorts within this confined space. Modern bookshelves come in a wide range of styles and sizes and you can find freestanding bookshelves for any hallway out there. Built-in wooden bookshelves offer another smart, cost-effective alternative and with a window seat thrown into the mix, the hallway becomes a beautiful and private reading nook.

Gorgeous gray walls add to the sophisticated style of this modern bookshelf [From: F3 Architects]
Simple and practical bookshelf design for the small hallway [From: Whitten Architects]
Turn the hallway into a home library and reading space with ample space for books and a couple of chairs [From: LEANARCH]
Custom wooden bookshelf in the hallway adds something different to the modern home [From: AO Architecture]

Lovely Displays and Slim Benches

Not a bibliophile? Not to worry as there is still a lot you can do with slim floating shelves and beautifully lit displays in the hallway. Turn them into visual focal point and fill the shelves with decorative pieces that end up being the spotlight. Slim benches and console tables also are a fabulous addition in the hallway and with a small mirror above a couple of table lamps and floral centerpiece, you have a dashing hallway that is both trendy and unique.

Series of brilliantly illuminated shelves create a stunning display in this unique hallway [From: Design Rocks]
Spacious beach style hallway with custom built-in benches that offer plenty of storage space [From: Casabella Interiors]
You do not need much shelf space to create a lovely display wall in the hallway [From: Christina Averkin Styling]
Geo style pendant, gorgeous wall art and a slim console table shape this contemporary entry [From: RockTops Granite & Stone Fabrication]
Mirror, fabulous console table and another slim bench are used to decorate this smart hallway [From: Workshop/APD]
Polished and minimal contemporary hallway of Moscow apartment with a splash of blue thrown into the mix [From: Anastasia Kovalchuk]

Much-Needed Home Workspace

Working from home? So are millions across the world at the moment and finding space for a home workstation or office is often the biggest problem. Not all of us have a room to spare for the dedicated home office and the hallway comes to your rescue here. That little niche at the end of the hall can be easily transformed into an ergonomic workspace with right task lighting, a slim floating desk and a chair. In this digital world that is pretty much what most of us need and with a couple of floating shelves above, there is just enough storage space as well. Maybe it is time you recognized the true potential of the hallway!

Traditional hallway turned into a lovely, space-conscious home workspace
Hallway workspace can be more elaborate if you have the sufficient square footage
Slim and ultra-stylish table in white for the small home workspace in the hallway

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