Midcentury Modernism at it Charming Best: Budget Makeover of West Seattle Residence

Midcentury Modernism at it Charming Best: Budget Makeover of West Seattle Residence

We have always talked about how every home is different in terms of its design needs and even when it comes to renovations and redesign, each house demands a different approach. In some cases, you have to undertake a complete gut renovation that alters almost the entire residence while in others a sensible and sensitive approach is required. The West Seattle Residence by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer falls into the latter category with clever minor tweaks and alterations giving it a whole new avatar. A Ralph Anderson house that was originally built in the 1960’s, the mid-century design of the residence is clearly visible with its extensive use of wood and glass.

Living room nestled on the edge of the cliff offers some of the most amazing views at the house

Much of the home is clad in brick, glass and wood and this has been completely unaltered even while extending the smaller wooden patios outside into relaxing decks that stretch into the canopy. Nestled on the edge of a cliff, the living area offers some spectacular views of the scenery outside. A grand entry with tall gray walls and a majestic skylight welcomes you indoor and you can see midcentury modern, eclectic, Asian and cabin style influences being effortlessly combined in every room of the house.

Carefully renovated West Seattle home combines different tasteful influences to create a unique home
Skylight brings ample natural light into the home with high ceiling and wooden walls
Warm wooden walls, lovely carpets and intricate details give this renovated mid-century modern home a cabin-style interior
Tiny kitchen prep zone and island comes in handy in more ways than one
Cabin-style dining room of the house is connected with the outdoors using glass walls
Family room with gallery wall on one side and bookshelves on the other

A brilliant collection of iconic décor pieces coupled with quirky new finds, a relaxing and cozy interior draped largely in wood, breathtaking views and greenery all around ensure this Seattle home feels more like a majestic vacation retreat than your mundane home.

Pendant, decor and custom wall additions bring modern minimalism to the bedroom of the midcentury home
Glass walls on the upper level completely open up the interior to the scenic landscape outside
Extensive sheltered entertaining area and hangout next to the pool
Brilliant tropical touches turn the hot tub feature into an absolute showstopper
Awesome wooden deck extends into the natural canopy and creates a gorgeous getaway at home
Patios and decks have been extended to create serene and nature-filled outdoor getaways

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