Mitchelton House: New Post-War Architecture in Timber and Brick

Mitchelton House: New Post-War Architecture in Timber and Brick

Here are different approaches to renovating and extending a home. Some want a home makeover that completely strips away the past, extends the residence into one with multiple levels and many, many rooms. Then there are times when homeowners want to preserve the charm of a multi-generational residence, give it a modern upgrade while retaining its past and all the priceless memories that come attached with it. Residents of the Mitchelton House took the latter approach when they asked Lockyer Architects to renovate and extend their post-war home in the suburbs of Brisbane. The new home is both elegant and efficient with “quality becoming more important than quantity”.

Elegant and space-savvy modern extension to a post war home in Mitchelton, Brisbane

The smart rear extension has been crafted largely in timber and brick and this allows it to aesthetically fit in with the existing home. Large folding glass walls can be easily moved to create a seamless indoor-outdoor zone with the kitchen and dining area extending into the wooden deck. The covered deck contains a small outdoor sitting area, custom bench with storage and a barbeque zone that brings everyone in the family together.

Non-intrusive rear extension to traditional post war home in Mitchelton
Open and spacious living area, kitchen and dining space of the revamped and extended post war home in Mitchelton
Smart timber and brick extension brings new dynamics to post-war home in Australia
Street facade of the modest Mitchelton House still remains largely unaltered
Wood and brick extension of the classic home contains the new kitchen, dining area and living room
Wood, white and shades of gray shape the new kitchen and dining area inside this modern home

The transition between the living area in the older part of the house and the kitchen and dining space that make up the new wind is equally fluid. Large skylights and a much more open design end up bringing a flood of natural light indoors. With its street façade still largely unaltered, this is a home where modernity has been perfectly coupled with traditional values. [Photographer: Scott Burrows]

Dining space becomes a part of the interior and the exterior at the same time
Outdoor covered wooden deck and barbecue allows entire family to get together each evening
Transition between the living area and the kitchen and dining space is seamless
Backyard bench with comfortable sitting space and storage area
Brilliant blend of brick, wood and polished modern finishes welcome you at this revamped Aussie home

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