Modern Moroccan Flavor Finds Innovative Expression in this Brazilian Apartment

Modern Moroccan Flavor Finds Innovative Expression in this Brazilian Apartment

Most modern apartments are draped in neutral hues and it is not uncommon to have a backdrop in colors like white, gray and beige. But it is not every day that you find a home like Momenttum Apartment designed by Studio Boscardin.Corsi in Brazil with a style that blends contemporary ergonomics with Moroccan aesthetics and a bit of tropical flavor thrown into the mix as well. The apartment’s most attractive feature is undoubtedly the brilliant array of dried palm leaves in the dining area that create a display you just cannot ignore. But that is not all, as every little feature in here feels unique, well thought out and perfect for the overall Modern-Moroccan theme.

Captivating blend of contemporary, Moroccan and tropical styles inside the dining room

With just 484 square feet of space, this apartment is not very large and yet with an open plan living area that includes the dining space and the kitchen, the interior feels a lot more spacious than it really is. Muted earth tones and textured walls add to the Moroccan appeal of the home even as low-slung sectionals and modular décor make an understated appearance. Color comes only in the form of curated furniture pieces here and there, dried palm leaves and wall art in the dining area. The entire apartment feels both cozy and classy with a fusion of two contrasting styles.

Gorgeous apartment in Brazil with earthen tones and a modern Moroccan style
Open plan living area of the apartment with dining space that features a display of dried palm leaves
Modular sectionals and sofas provide understated seating in the living room
Straw pendants and dried palm leaves add natural touches to the interior of the apartment
Muted earthen tones and a wide range of textures create a beautiful apartment in Brazil
Create a picture-perfect modern Moroccan home with a bit of innovative design

A slim console table, a couple of eclectic mirrors and smart floor lamps create a focal point in the entry hallway while the bedrooms and bathroom are neatly tucked away to offer complete privacy. [Photography: Eduardo Macarios]

Textured walls and muted earth tones usher in modern Moroccan style inside this Brazilian apartment
Dried palm leaves in the backdrop bring color and tropical flavor to the modern Moroccan Brazilian apartment
Fabulous use of mirrors and console table to decorate the hallway a the entrance
Creative use of slim console table and mirrors to decorate the hallway
Design plan of modern apartment in Brazil

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