Mombasa 3D model

Mombasa 3D model

Mombasa 3D model

Surreal Studios is currently working on building the entire city of Mombasa in 3D. Our goal is to create the 3D model to feature all the existing infrastructure; roads,streets lanes as well as the existing urban fabric in form of buildings. the purpose of the model is to avail to stakeholders,developers and the public, at a very reasonable price, a 3D base map with which all proposals on urban design, infrastructure and large institutional level designs can be contexted. As an architect in used to designing in 3D, but when it comes to city master planning most designs are limited to only 2D information.we are seeking to change that. Our aims and goals in the 3D model seek to:


  1. map all the roads, including their names and sizes
  2. map all the plots with their plot sizes, land use and geolocation
  3. generate massing models of all existing buildings, estimating closely the builtup areas, height, number of floors,roof types and functions
  4. map all the civic buildings, hospitals,schools,police stations,fire stations, restaurants,large retail stores and administrative buildings
  5. include information on the buildings when clicked, such as its name,building type,floor area,contacts,website,etc
  6. enable web viewing on the 3d model and its exploration in 3d online on our website for public participation
  7. the 3D model will be available in all CAD compatible formats on autodesk products as well as Graphisoft and GIS.

The mapping of all roads, facilities allows for marketing and accessibility for public use. users will be able to view and explore the city and locate businesses, hospitals, restaurants and the like. The ability to link the 3d building within the model of a particular business with its website and contact information allows for marketing and business visibility and easy navigation and access to what the city has to offer. Tourists will be able to navigate tour routes and familiarise themselves with the city online much clearer than on 2D maps for example.

we are also working on integrating professionally done 360 panorama scenes for viewing actual scenes on the ground.

The mapping of lots and plot no information with height information allows for county government assessment of structures and proposals that meeting the physical planning guidelines. this allows for monitoring and evaluation of guidelines as well as their effect on the city image and functioning.

the Cad compatibility of the models means architects and other building consultants will be able to integrate their designs with the models from withing their preferred Cad applications and the urban analysts will be able to perform 3d analysis such as volumetric analysis, suitability analysis, line of sight analysis,etc on the 3d models from within arcGis. this will enable a fully top down design approach at all scales from the macro to the micro scale of design and they will all be vertically integrated.

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