Oh, So Quiet: LG’s Latest Air Conditioner Is Perfect for Minimalist Architects

Oh, So Quiet: LG’s Latest Air Conditioner Is Perfect for Minimalist Architects

When it comes to high design, duct-free HVAC systems have not traditionally topped the priority list for architects. It’s no wonder: duct-free air conditioning units have long had a reputation as lacking in aesthetics, often viewed as components that are notoriously difficult to integrate seamlessly into contemporary interiors.

For this reason, LG’s Art CoolTM Premier Wall Mount Split System is a breath of fresh air, quite literally. The Art CoolTM Premier system provides one of the most minimal façade designs on the market. Its clean white finish and simple profile allows it to blend with the understated details of modern homes and offices. This innovative product recently won the HVAC category of the Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Products Awards.

LG’s primary aim with the design of the Art CoolTM Premier system was to balance form and function. Surprisingly compact, and its performance was not compromised as a result, with available models including 9,000 and 12,000 Btu/h capacities respectively. This puts it on a par with other, much larger units, making its unassuming, lean profile all the more impressive.

Where the system really comes into its own is with energy efficiency. LG has created a unit that is not only ENERGY STAR® rated, but also boasts one of the highest SEER ratings in its class. The inverter variable speed system is “measurably quieter and consumes less energy than conventional air conditioners,” according to the manufacturers. How quiet? The unit operates at approximately 22 decibels, about the sound level of a whisper. This intelligent system knows when the target temperature is achieved, and the inverter compressor operates at low speed to maintain comfort levels, using considerably less energy.

This energy-efficiency means the system performs admirably on perhaps the most important of all HVAC factors: sound  levels. The Art CoolTM Premier system is one of the quietest around, making it an ideal choice for architects looking to create peaceful spaces for their clients, so they no longer have to compete with the noise of an AC unit while on a conference call.

It’s smart, too: the WiFi-enabled system connects to LG ThinQ app, allowing users to control it remotely. It’s also compatible with LG’s Central Control Network (and allows integration with third party building management systems), so can be specified as part of a complete Smart Home set-up. 

For architects designing both interior and exterior spaces, the Art CoolTM Premier system is available in both indoor and outdoor models. The operating range for outdoor units is 14°F to 118°F (DB) for cooling (extendable down to 0°F with an optional wind baffle accessory) and -13°F to 75°F (WB) for heating, while the ranges for indoor units are 64°F to 90°F (WB) for cooling and 60°F to 86°F (DB) for heating. According to LG, the unit is best suited for applications in zones that require both heating and cooling, offering year-round comfort for both residential and commercial spaces.

For all its impressive technical benefits, the most notable qualities of LG’s newest model are those that matter most to everyday users: its aesthetic appeal, and quiet operation. Ultimately, architects are looking for HVAC systems that will give their clients the comfort they need, without being the center of attention — visually or audibly. For this reason, LG’s Art CoolTM Premier system is a smart choice for a wide range of architectural applications.

For more information on LG’s Art CoolTM Premier system and to specify it for your next project, visit LG’s product information page and contact their team of experts.

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