Planning Tools – Manage Projects with an Online Project Planner

Planning Tools – Manage Projects with an Online Project Planner

How to Plan a Project with

At a basic level, planning tools let you organize all of your tasks and resources, so you can break your project down into phases and set reasonable deadlines for your team. is a project planning software that keeps you on schedule and lets you report on progress along the way. Here’s a walk-through so you can get more out of your projects.

It’s easy to import of task list from any spreadsheet

1. Create Task List

Quickly start projects by importing your task list into our software. We can import MSP files, so you can easily edit and share them with your team. Of course, you can start from scratch too.

Describe tasks to give teams clear directions

2. Add Task Description

Add brief descriptions to your tasks to give your team clear directions. Set priorities and create tags to make the task easy to find. This makes it easy to see which tasks can be excluded from the plan.

Gantt charts control your plan, tasks and schedule

3. Switch to Gantt Chart View

Our Gantt chart maps all your tasks across a project timeline. Estimate the duration of each task by adding a start and end date. Our online project planner lets you link dependent tasks, add summary tasks and set milestones, too.

Get your team on fast and easy

4. Onboard Your Team

Onboard your team once you’re ready to share your project plan. Invite them to the software, and they’ll get an email notification. Add details about what project team they’re on and their skill set for easier workload management.

Know when your team can work and when they’re out on holiday

5. Add Availability

Define your team’s availability so you can assign tasks properly and hit deadlines. We have a feature that automates your calendar, indicating working days versus holidays. Even add your team’s labor cost for easy budget management.

Assign tasks to teams from any of’s project views

6. Assign Work

Start assigning tasks right from the Gantt chart. Just click on a task and select one or more team members to execute it. Add comments, documents and images as needed to your plan. Teams are alerted whenever there’s a change made.

Visualize your team’s workflow on kanban boards

7. Kanban for Task Updates

Use the kanban board view to see project tasks as cards under columns representing production phases. Teams can use the board to manage their work without affecting your plan on the Gantt chart.

See your progress across six project metrics

8. Monitor Progress

See actual progress compared to planned progress to stay on track. Get a high-level view with our real-time dashboard. We monitor project time, cost, tasks and more in colorful graphs and charts. This planning tool keeps everything running smoothly.

See who on your team is overallocated and who has too few tasks

9. Adjust Workloads

Use the workload page to make sure tasks are distributed evenly. Correct any scheduling errors with just a few clicks, so you can keep morale high and your project moving forward.

Automatic reporting keeps your project on track.

10. Make Reports

Create reports to keep your stakeholders in the loop. Our detailed reports can be filtered to get only the data you want to see. See reports on project status, variance and much more; then share them easily.

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