Project Scheduling Tips –

Project Scheduling Tips –

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Project scheduling is an incredibly important process that transforms your project plan into an actionable schedule with prioritized tasks. Hopefully our Ultimate Guide to Project Scheduling helped you get a grip on the basics, but if you need more project scheduling tips, take a moment to watch our videos. Below you’ll find tutorial videos led by certified experts in the field that will walk you through every aspect of project scheduling.

You’ve gathered all the tasks you need to reach your final deliverable, and have estimated the costs and resources necessary to execute them. Organizing those activities to meet your deadline, though, can feel like an insurmountable job.

That’s where creating a schedule comes in. Begin by estimating the duration of each task. Then, you must determine if any of the tasks are dependent on others to start or finish.

Watch the embedded video to get crucial tips on how to get your project started right.

Deadlines creep up fast in any project. You want to have wiggle room to resolve issues and deliver the quality your stakeholders expect. Knowing the amount of slack you have is key to keeping your project on track.

There’s a technique called “activity on the node,” which is designed to figure out the slack. What it does is take the task and breaks it down into various sectors.

This helps you define the earliest time the task can start, how long it’ll take to complete and the earliest it can be done. If this sounds complicated, then watch the embedded video and learn how to do it step-by-step.

Resources accomplish your project’s tasks, and if you’re not keeping track of them, nothing is going to get done. You need a work schedule to organize your day and your team’s time.

Project managers live and die by their work schedules. Think of it as a calendar. It captures days and weeks of the project and breaks them down into hourly sections. This roster will list your team by members and list their responsibilities. You can make one on paper or an Excel sheet, but online software is ideal.

Watch the embedded video to learn more tips about work schedules.

How to Use Project Scheduling Software

To take your schedule to the next level, you need project scheduling software that integrates your schedule with every other aspect of the project. is an award-winning tool that has online Gantt charts to organize your schedule, a real-time dashboard to monitor your project and one-click reporting that keeps stakeholders in the loop.

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