SSHSP – Puntland Health Sector Support project, UNICEF Somalia

Provision of technical expertise to UNICEF

Conducted feasibility studies and planning for various health construction works as part of The Puntland Health Sector Support Programme (PHSSP). The Key task of the assignment was the development of the “Overall Concept for Health Facilities” and taking part in the production of feasibility studies and reports as part of the Feasibility Assessment Team. Responsible for the study and for submitting a complete and consolidated report (with input from other service providers).

The assignment covered the upgrade and rehabilitation of hospitals, health centres and regional health office facilities in 2 regions within Puntland. Travelled to project sites and consucted study within Puntland as required, Mudug and Nugaal regions



▪    German-Puntland Institute of Medical Sciences (G-PIMS) – Garowe General Hospital











(A)   General site context

1-     Project information (project name, location, site area, built up area, existing


2-     Documentation indicating site features, topography, incoming services, restricted

3-     Environmental study and climatic data


(B)   Existing Drawings

1-     Site Plan.

2-     Ground floor plan.

3-     Diagrammatic section (Include building height if possible, it can be a very conceptual section).

▪    Renovation/upgrade of Galkacyo General Hospital  

(C)   Existing facilities study

1-     Number for rooms for each department.

2-     Number of bed for each room.

3-     Number of staff (doctors, nurses, and non-clinical staff).

4-     Deliveries and patient admissions per month or per week (or other).


(D)   Structure system and Construction materials.

(E)   Finishes, services, and medical equipment.

(F)   Other services

▪  Proof of ownership of property (Title Deeds), lease documents etc.

▪  topography, incoming services, restricted access point etc.

▪  Site Access.

▪  Any specific Local Authority Regulations applicable to the site.

▪  Services on plot.

▪  Any existing drawings.

▪  Existing/proposed land use – is change of use required.

▪  Is environmental impact study required?

▪  Any specific functions or equipment to be catered for.

▪  Budget for the building project.

▪  Any Needs?


       ▪     Renovation of 5 district hospitals

1-     Dangaryo District Hospital

2-     Burtinle District Hospital

3-     Godob jirran MCH/r upgrade to District hospital

4-     Harfo District Hospital

5-     Jarriban District Hospital