Architecture Design is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or other structures.

Architect Abdulhamid Darani, our Principal, is an young Kenya based boutique architect renowned for excellence in design. Likewise, he has a wealth of experience and accomplished projects in different contexts and uses his design experience to craft an innovative and versatile architectural outlook for every unique project.

Surreal Studios provides complete design consultancy services from architecture, project management, construction management, web/graphic design and engaging creative solutions in animation and CGI. Furthermore, we also maintain blog featuring ideas and works of exceptional architecture and interior design by outstanding design talents worldwide.

In addition, designs on contemporary houses, residential interiors with a focus on spatial design, and commercial buildings and spaces such as hotels, boutiques, restaurants and offices. Also, you can also find compelling reads on the urban environment, art, culture and heritage, supplemented by design and architecture news and highlights, interviews and useful information on new design products and technologies.

Our architecture projects range in size, design complexity and function. In all cases, however, the focus is on the client and the context, with a tailor-­crafted approach to each unique architectural project. Our projects include hotels, office buildings, and residential developments amongst others.

What Is Involved In The Design Process?

There are several steps involved in the design process for an architectural project. Each step is very important to the overall look, feel, and safety of the project.

Our typical architecture services involve:

Architecture Schematic Design

First, step of the architecture design phase is the schematic design. The schematic design is where the architect gathers information on the needs, style, and wants for the project and from there the he will create two to three design options for the client to review.

Architecture Design Development

Secondly, in the architecture design development, the architect will take the schematic designs and develop them to an approved design concept. Hence, Any changes the client wants to make to the design should be communicated to the architect during this phase.

Bidding/ Construction documents

Further, Construction documents are given to a contractor for the construction of your project. An architect will put together architecture drawings with a lot of design detail on them for the contractors to follow when building. Consequently , Bidding follows where the architect or client seeks a contractor for their project. They bid the job to the contractor by giving them bid documents which display details of the project. Moreover, these documents include detailed architecture drawings, construction documents and technical design specifications.


Finally, Construction begins once you’ve found a contractor you like, and you’ve settled on a design concept that fits your needs. Your architect will be in contact with your contractor throughout the duration of the construction phase to ensure that your project is being built according to the plans.

Most importantly, we focus on working closely with clients to design tailor-­made architecture projects, and faithfully interpret their vision. Above all else, the firm values client trust, and unparalleled quality in the expression and execution of its ideas.

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